youth development program 2020


instructors and subjects

Shaykh Hammad

Webinar 1 – 27th January
How to develop yourself at a young age?


Webinar 2 – 25th February
A productive minhaji – how to organize yourself?

Dr. Chan Naseeb

Webinar 3 – 30th March
How can we use data to enhance performance in Minhaj?

Dr. Bushra Riaz

Webinar 4 – 20th April
Organizational behaviour – being a worker

Shaykh Bilal hussain

Webinar 6 – 22nd June
With the heart in mind – the moral & emotional intelligence of the Prophet (S)

Dr. Urfan

Webinar 5 – 1st June
How to run a big Minhaj organization?
Next webinar will be on:
The 24th of June 20:00 – 21:00 EU Time

For Minhaj executive members, potential executive members, volunteers and resource group members.

Age limit : 15 – 35 Years

Youth Development Program Team

Awais Ejaz Ahmed

President MYL Europe
Program Head

Fazeel Mahmood

National Coordinator MYL The Netherlands
President MYL The Hague

Shuaib Ashfaq

President MYL France
Marketing Manager

Bilal Raja

Secretary MYL Sweden
Registration Manager

Zoraiz Khusdil

President MYL Denmark
Content Manager

Shahmir amjad

General Secretary MYL Europe


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